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Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 238, August 27, 2012

Al woke me and said "Terrie, they are back."
I should have know it would be a crazy day!

The trees are starting to drop things as Fall
approaches and the turkeys seem to love
whatever it is that is falling.
They come through our yard at least
once a day.  Usually in the morning, but have spotted
them at all times, coming and going.

Gobble, gobble goes the turkey...

Michael came by early, we dropped his car
off to be serviced, bagels for breakfast,
on to Dr. McBean the dermo, CVS,
lunch with David, picked up Michael's car
while he was at the dentist.  Decided we
would all go to Costco together.  We all
picked-up a few things and ended with
dinner at Costco, $10.64 for dinner
and dessert for four!  What a deal!!!

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