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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 300, October 28, 2012

"Frankenstorm" is on it's way
and Westport is getting ready.
This is Compo Beach,
10 foot high sand wall.

We brought Hank back to the beach a few
hours later and the sand wall is finished.

David and Hank on the sand wall.

Waves, not the norm for Compo.

Hank loves going to the beach!

A storm is a brewing!

The boy loves to run...

A little cold water never bothers Hank!

Westporter's love their beach and everyone
was out taking a look!  The calm before
the storm.  The town has ordered evacuation
for the beach area and the beach will be
closed at 8 AM tomorrow morning.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 299, October 27, 2012

Halloween is my favorite holiday!
David and Julia made it so much fun for me, thank you!
We went pumpkin shopping.  They carved their
jack-o-lanterns with help from Hank.
We also prepared for the coming storm,
Her real name is "Sandy" and she is making
her way up the east coast, could
possibly be the worse hurricane to hit our
area since the 1930's. 
We are prepared as we can be.

Of course, Michael is having a Halloween
Party in "Stamvegas" tonight.
David is a shark...

Can you say "JAWS"

Julia is a Fisherman, reeling in her catch.

The jack-o-lanterns, so much fun!

Day 298, October 26, 2012

I started this "wonky" log cabin quilt a few
weeks ago and the project has grown during
this time.  I now have 96 blocks.  48 large blocks
and 48 smaller blocks.  I have named the
entire project "The Community."  With these
blocks I can make two large quilts and two
small quilts.  I have had a lot of fun putting
these together.  The colors are "happy" and
it has been fun watching how differnt each
block looks.  Well, tonight I have finished
the blocks and just need to trim them.  If
we have electricity during the coming
storm "Sandy" I will get them put together.
If we don't have electricity it will have to wait...

Day 297, Octobe 25, 2012

With a lot of rain, we try to let Hank
take advantage of all non-rain days
and get his wiggles out.  He can run
like the wind and has several paths
he takes throughout the yard, usually
in a figure-eight pattern.  This one
involves running and jumping up an
 down near an incline by the garage.

Someone has been eating our
pumpkins.  And this time it isn't Hank!

David loves clothes and also loves
having things arrive by mail or UPS.
Our UPS driver normally rings the bell
and I come right out and pick-up the
package.  I went to check on Hank as
 I regularly do when he is outside playing.
I see a bunched up jacket sitting on our
porch.  I step outside and pick it up, only to
 realize that it seems oddly similar to the
 vest David had ordered and was
expecting to arrive on Friday.  Hank comes
running to see me and I start looking for
the packaging.  Of course, I find it all
in the last area of the yard I look.
Hank must have grabbed the package,
brought it to the backyard, ripped open
the bags and catologs and brought the
vest back to the porch.  Luckily,
the vest seemed to be in tact.  I cleaned-up
the mess in the yard, washed and dryed the
vest before David got home and
added one more Hank story to our
collection of Hank stories.

This is Hank after a day of
playing in the yard.  We
live within the wetlands, so our
yard is very "wet" and Hank
gets very dirty paws.

This is David in his new vest as
Hank tells him about his day...

"Brother, you wouldn't believe it, the UPS man
left a package on the porch, I opened it for you.
How do you like your new vest?"

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 296, October 24, 2012

I couldn't resist...
This is for Michael.
He has always loved
Cookie Monster, or as
 we called him "Cook."

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 295, October 23, 2012

Hank, loving the cool Fall weather!

Our neighbors, Bob and Zachey Brody
always decorate for Halloween.
The three ghosts move in the breeze
and have been making Hank crazy!

What a face!

Michelle always takes care of us!
She makes the best sugar cookies ever!!!
Thank you, Michelle!!!

Day 294, October 22, 2012

With Fall comes many changes in our backyard.
The leaves fall, the bushes die back and we
 get more water in the wetlands. 

The gardeners came today,
we can see the grass again!

The last debate,
I hope he is our new President!!!