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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 285, October 13, 2012

Started the day with the breakfast
of champions, Mc Donalds.
Then, on to the ING Hartford Marathon
Today, Michael ran the Half Marathon.
David and Julia ran the 5K.
So proud of all three of them!!!
They ran for Donate Life.
We raised over $900.
Thank you to everyone
who supported us!!!
Donate Life raised over 24K
Great day, amazing people
doing wonderful work!

Michael before the race.

David helping Julia.

David and Julia before the race.

Michael, David, Julia

Wow, look at those shoes,
very Bucknellian.

Most of the Donate Life group

CT State Capital

This year Donate Life had two booths,
we are getting bigger and better!

The second booth.

David after the race.

Julia and David after the race.

Michael after the race.

Just glad to be finished...

Michael with the sign David made for him.

Yes, at the beer garden!

Michael, Hank, and Jervus (Michael's car)
Getting Jervus ready for Halloween.

Second year to run, makes
Ter proud.

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