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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 29, 2014

Received the most wonderful surprise in the mail!!!
When Cheryl and I were in high school, her mother,
Genia had made us each the most fun, circular, rainbow
afghans.  We brought them to football games, the desert,
basically, really loved and used them.  I had mine for 
years, but over time it just wore out. 
 I had mentioned it to Cheryl some time ago
 and she told her Mother.
Surprise, a gift of love from Genia and Cheryl!!!
The colors are perfect!!!
Cheryl had mailed it about three weeks ago
and had contacted me, to see if it had arrived.  It had not and she was going to have
Genia make another.  Well, sometimes 
things just work-out!  It arrived on a day 
when I need the love, perfect!

Feeling the LOVE today,
two sweet notes on a day
I could use a bit of love,
thank you Cheryl and Dara!

Angela, Dot,
Sharon, Caroline, Cath
Celebrating Cath's birthday
at Compo Beach.

Dot, Terrie,
Sharon, Caroline, Cath

More people arrived to 
celebrate Cath!!!

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