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Sunday, October 12, 2014

October 11, 2014

Our Charity Block Challenge,
love the yellow and gray!

We are going to participate in the MQG Charity
 Challenge.  Michelle got all of the fabric 
that is required for the project.
Sheri created our pattern and figured out all the blocks
for each of us to make.  Wonderful to be surrounded
by such nice, creative women!!!

These are our yummy fabrics!  We have three blocks
and white space.  Can't wait to see the finished quilt!!!

Our pattern...

One of the blocks...

Garen, Sharon and my fabric and patterns.

Lori and Jenn

Today, we got back our Denise Schmidt Quilt
Challenge quilts, they look so pretty all 
stacked together.

The other side...

Jenn is always so creative,
love the circles.

The back, just as pretty as the front.

Jenn made this quilt for her Mother.

Using up old fabric,
who doesn't love hearts?

Kathy finished her quilt from
the Lizzy Class, so fast,
so nice!

Beautiful little bags with a bunny theme,
Also, Jennifer is going to be a Mommy for the 
very first time!

Maybeth is making quilts for all
of her Grandchildren and puts 
their names on the quilts.
What a wonderful gift.
The name is the back side,
but all her grandchildren make
it the front, got to love kids!!!

The front...

The hand made tag.

Sheri always is so creative!
Love these wall hangings.

Michelle's Toes in the Sand!
Love this quilt, will make this soon.

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