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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 302, October 30, 2012

Our power went out before the storm arrived!
I usually park my car in the spot above, but I
decided to move my car.  Within an hour this
pinetree came crashing down and would have
totaled the Avalon.  So, feeling lucky!
The power is out, but we are probably among
the lucky ones.  The storm had little rain, mostly
wind.  We have actually had much worse winds
in California with the Santa Ana winds.

Hank inspecting the damage...

Flipped the trash can holder on it's back!

The fallen tree is blocking our neighbor, Bob Brody's
driveway to his house.  We trimmed all the branches
and Bob has a chain saw and cut the trunk, so that
he can now pass.  Neighbors working together!

So this is what remains until Mark, our
gardener comes and cleans us up.

Hank relaxing in the aftermath.

Sitting in the tree, outside our bedroom window.

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