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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 303, October 31, 2012

Still no power, and it seems we are probably
going to be without power for some time.
David and I decide to take a drive and see
what is happening in and around Westport.
We see two guys selling portable generators
off the back of a truck, very interesting!
This is the damage that is causing us all our
power problems...

David used his car to charge his cell phone and
ended up needing me to jump his car.
Good thing we moved the Avalon!

Hank's Canine Fence doesn't work without
power, luckily he doesn't know it!
But, we can't let him be out on his own.
David trying to burn-off some puppy energy!

If we get a lot of rain, sometime it goes into
the garage, David and I are ready.
Luckily, this storm didn't have very much rain!

Hank loves a football!

Went over to the Sareen's to re-charge.
It is Halloween and Isabelle is ready!

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