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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 159, June 8, 2013

The planting begins...

David and I took a bbq/smoking class in May.
Now we have our smoker!
The Junior Traeger
I wasn't sure smoking was for me, but using
the electric smoker takes a lot of the work
and time "watching" out of smoking. 
 So, this will work for me and David
 will get his "real" smoker later.
Smoke On!

Our first smoke,
Beer Can Chicken!

Of course, we used Bud Heavy!

All ready to go...

Ready to smoke...

David and Julia

Our kids!
Julia, David, Hank, Michael
Celebrating Hank's 2nd Birthday

Hank got a pool for his birthday.
He isn't so sure about his pool.

Hank, checking out his pool...

Hank and his pool.
Michael and his gifts for Hank,
lots of chew toys.
Hank's favorites!
Hank, just before he buried his birthday gift.

Michael, Al, David, Julia
The "Gang" minus Hank and I.

Dog cookies from David and Julia.

Must have, a birthday cake.

David and his boy.
After burying his bone.

Julia, David, Hank


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