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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 173, June 22, 2013

My boys, before Allie and Ryan's wedding.

Nice going to a wedding in Westport!

David and Al
Nicholas and Peggy

Rich and all the guys waiting...

Here comes the bride...

Rich and Allie

A kiss from Daddy
Allie and Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Peggy and Rich

David and Michael

Michael, Terrie, David

Lisa, Terrie, Jo
Lisa and Michael
Terrie and Al

Terrie and Michael

Terrie and David

My Family
Al, Terrie, David, Michael

Jo, Lisa, Terrie, Sharon
Sharon and Marc

David and Michael

Michael and Lisa
The Fab Four
Terrie, Peggy, Lisa, Sharon
We miss you Diane!

Such good friends,
Rich and Peggy
Terrie and Peggy,
my dear sweet friend!
Such a pretty cake

I had to include Marc's
wonderful pictures,
they really do capture the moment.


Happy, happy, happy...

Al, Michael, Rich, Nick, David

Rich, Terrie, Nick
Where in the World is Nick?

Cigar Time
David and Michael

Boys being boys...





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