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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day 290, September 21, 2013

Al and David off to the range,
me to the
Flights and Fantasies
Quilt Show
New England Air Museum, CT
Medallion Tulip Quilt, c. 1930

Jackie Kunkel put together this 2nd annual quilt show
with the help of many volunteers.  She also did a
"Trunk Show" of her amazing quilts, featuring
many of her own designs along with
many of her "Judy Niemeyer" quilts, as
well as some of Judy's quilts.

Jackie and Judy's quilts,
same pattern, different fabric.

Jackie and one of her quilts.

This quilt was designed by Jackie
and featured in a quilting magazine.
I used this pattern, using Sis Boom fabric.

Like this quilt, reminded me of
my "Wonky Log Cabin" quilts.


Thought of Peggy with this quilt.


Lovely, but probably not in my future...

I found this to be very interesting, part
of the "Dear Jane Exhibit."
This one just called out to me!

My favorite quilt of the day!!!
"Lollypop Trees"
by Mary Beth LaRosa, Granby, CT
Love this!
Made with a Jelly Roll.

"One Block Wonder - Billings Flower"
This quilt is on my list to make.
Only one fabric is used to make
this stunning quilt.

The entire "One Block Wonder."

by Karen Griska, Litchfield, CT

Guest Speaker, Marie Bostwick.
A mother, a wife, a quilter and a writer.
Also, a former member of NNW,
such a small world!!!

Each of her "Cobbled Court Quilt" novels
have a quilt pattern, this is one.

Both Marie and Jackie holding a quilt top
that Marie made from a "Swap."

One of Marie's quilts featured in a quilting magazine.

Marie reading from her latest book.
Very funny!  She spoke about how
she became a writer, sometimes
things happen when you
least suspect it!

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