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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day 293, September 24, 2013

Wow, what a driving day for Al.
First, we drove David to the airport in NY for
his trip with Julia to Disney World.  We
brought Hank along for ride.
Then, Al and I went to The Big E!
Eastern States Exposition
West Springfield, MA
Classic Fair, lots of memories of taking
the boys to the Los Angeles County Fair.

Love seeing the animals!

This tired momma pig has eight little piglets.
Boy, could they eat!!!

The Clydesdale's are so big
and so beautiful, this guy weighed
in at 2250 lbs.!

Quilts, quilts and more quilts!
Been a good week for me.

I have made this pattern.

I am currently working on
black and white quilt squares for a swap.

This is on my list to make as well.
I will make it in blues, no greens.

A replica of the old CT Statehouse.

One day, Al and I will have
 a bear like this!

Lunch, pulled pork, delicious!!!

The biggest corndog I have ever seen!!!

You can get just about anything at the fair!!!

I love animals and always enjoyed my friend
Savina's stories about growing-up on a
dairy farm and her adventures in 4-H.
This brought back the memories of those stories.

The way to end the day, Funnel Cake!
Julia at Disney World,
waiting for fireworks at Epcot!

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