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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Day 375, December 14, 2013


December Photo Challenge
"Something I couldn't live without"
Not that I couldn't live without
my kindle, but when it dies,
I will order a new one that day!
Love reading on it!!!
Hank and his pumpkins...
Our first "real" snow storm of the season.
Luckily, it came on a Saturday.
Woke up to snow and went to bed 
to snow.  Ended up being about six inches. 

Amazing he can carry them so well!
I guess that is why they have handles.

Al with his shovel.
We have snowplow people,
but I guess the boys
thought of shoveling
as exercise...
Like I said, it is the
first real storm...


Hank wanting David to play "Dog."

Snow = Sew
Made this 12 x 12 owl.
Will turn it into a pillow.

We had tickets to
The Bridgeport Sound Tigers.
They WON!!!

It was "Pink in the Rink"
night for Norwalk Hospital.

He has it covered,
Santa hat and pink jersey.

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