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Saturday, March 29, 2014

March 29, 2014

Sharon and I took a quilting class,
One Block Wonder.
It is all about the cutting,
pinning, cutting.  The sewing 
is the easy part!

The teacher's quilt,

and another.

Ready to sew.
I picked a Sis Boom print,
excited to see how it unfolds!

Sharon with the teacher,
her first quilt class, so proud
of my quilting friend!

Same fabric, just cut differently!

Blocks coming together...

I tend to sew in "factory" fashion.
Goes faster for me.

The teachers's quilt.
The original fabric along side the finished blocks,

Another student's quilt.

Jackie, the owner/teacher became
the student today.

More student examples.

Love the colors and flow of the fabric.

My blocks and fabric example.

Sharon's blocks and fabric, so much fun!

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  1. All those pretty colors and designs. Fun and more fun...