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Sunday, June 15, 2014

June 14, 2014

Quilt Guild Day!!!
Pin Cushion Swap
Lots of interesting pin cushions!

This was my favorite!!!
Such detail!

We used this lovely photograph
on display at Weston Library as
our inspiration piece for next 
month's swap.  We are going 
to make an 8 1/2 x 11 inch
block with this photo to inspire us.
This should be interesting!!!

Lori playing with DS fabric.

Jenn used fabric and a shower 
curtain from IKEA to make
a beach blanket.
That is thinking.

Garin used her MM Challenge material
to make "Pixy Sticks."
Very cool, they pop!

A baby blanket for her friend
who is becoming a Grandmother.
Love the pink and greys.

Suzanne made this quilt using
DS fabric and pattern for her
daughter who is getting married
next month.
She will never make such
a large quilt again.

Suzanne loves to make baby quilts,
and this is her latest.  If you can believe
it, this is the back of the quilt.
She does amazing work!!!

A very cool bag with zipper,
pockets and pretty lining.

A Sis Boom Quilt.

A quilt actually made for herself!
She is going to put this on her bed.

Sherri is just amazing!
This is her Michael Miller Challenge
quilt.  She made her own patter.
It got a bit bigger than she had planned,
but wow, it is a beauty!

Michelle is awesome!
She made this very cool
"Mondo" tote.
I may have to make this,
uses many 2 1/2 inch squares,
I am thinking Sis Boom!

Darling sewing bag.

Sis Boom quilted, 
great quilting!

MM Challenge quilt finished,
this is much more "Michelle."

Make your own fabric,
so much fun!

Jennifer from Sis Boom and Kate Spain!!!
We are so lucky to have so many
great fabric designers living so close!
They came to Christy's Quilt Shop.
Both so nice and so talented!!!
Pre-ordered Kate's next line.
Comes out in September!

Rohan Sareen,
playing a Compo Beach.
We had planned to meet for 
dinner at the beach last night,
but it rained, so we went tonight.
So lucky to have the beach so close!!!

Isabelle and Rohan,
so sweet!

Playing in the sand...

Love these kids,
can't believe how big 
they have become!
Until next week!

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