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Sunday, June 8, 2014

June 7, 2014

A perfect day!
Woke up, played with Hank, worked on an
 art project, played with Hank, worked with my beads,
played with Hank.  
Michael took me to Cirque Du Soleil,
Varekai we enjoyed Rita's, came home,
watched the Belmont Stakes horse race,
played with Hank...
Al and I went to Bobby Q's 
for dinner.  We then went to 
the tunnel in downtown.

This used to be a dark, dingy tunnel from 
the parking lot to Main Street in Westport.
Miggs Burroughs, a lifelong Westport Artist
has made "Tunnel Vision" a mini art gallery.
It consists of 16 photos, each 32 inches square,
depicting Westporter's "connecting"
with each other.
But, they are no ordinary images, gazing 
at a certain angle you see one thing,
take a step in another direction and
it is a different picture entirely.
This is called lenticular photography.

All the photos are very special.
But, this one touched me the most.
A Westport women and her friend's
The past and the future,
may the future be brighter than the past...


  1. Hi, Terrie. The black and white hands on the left, with yellow background, belong to my husband and me. The photo will be on the cover of my memoir coming out soon. Miggs designed the cover using the hands as the central piece. I am writing about the hands in my own blog,, and have copied the photo. I hope that's ok with you. I will give you credit in the blog post.

  2. Hi Terrie, Miggs here, and I very much appreciate your photos of my tunnel project. Westport is beginning to create a tropism app for mobile phones and the tunnel will be one of the featured places to visit. May I use your great photo of the tunnel at night? With credit if you like. Do you want your last name included, or just "Tales of Terrie". Thanks