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Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 121, May 2, 2013

April showers...

Lemon Pound Cake

Our first tulip to bloom this Spring!

Tonight is Peggy's
We are saying "See you later"
no goodbyes...

Marta, Barrie,
Diane, Sharon

Lisa, Vicky, Peggy

Marta and Angela

Cath and Jo

Hank, the guy loves a party!

Peggy and Jen

Terrie, Marta, Jen, Carolyn

Ginger, Vicky, Sharon

Barrie and Lisa

Cath and Peggy

Terrie and Peggy

Shelia, Merry, Peggy, Cath,
Diane, Lisa, Angela

Peggy and Merry

Ginger and Peggy

Cath, Sharon, Marta, Terrie, Carolyn

Vicky and Angela

Sharon, Marta, Carolyn, Terrie

Lisa and Ginger

Marta, Terrie, Angela, Carolyn, Sharon

Peggy, Shelia, Diane

Merry and Diane

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