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Friday, January 3, 2014

December 28, 2013

What a lovely service.
Samantha did a fabulous job.  Both
her and Dara's speeches brought
everyone to tears.

David, Avery, Hoppy, Michael

David, Avery, Hoppy, Michael, Julia

Anita and Robin

Back at the pool, before the party.
Michael relaxing.

Michael, Hoppy, David

Sam, her friend and Taylor

Al enjoying the Florida sunshine.

The "Twilight" inspired party,



Julia and David

Amanda and Hoppy

Amanda, Hoppy, David, Julia

Terrie and Al

Avery and Taylor

Anita and Paul

The Bat Mitzvah girl,

Jordan and Adam

Anita and Robin

Sam looking beautiful!!!

Evie and David

Paul and David

Jon, Evie, David

Michael, Julia, David

Dara, Shelley, Evie, Amanda

Paul and Shelley

Michael, Julia, Sam, David

Sam and Al

Father Daughter dance.

David, Michael, Julia

Melissa and Dara

Beautiful Sam, her candle lighting.

Poppa, Bubbie, Sam

Aunt Evie and Sam

Aunt Amanda, Sam, Uncle Hoppy

Sam and her cousins

Sam and her friends.

Sam and her parent's
Dara and Brian




Paul and Dara

Me and the Twilight gang...

Michael's turn...

now Taylor (with Team Jacob) and Melissa...

Amanda having a little bit
 of fun with Jacob...
Robin enjoying a little vampire time too...

Julia liking Team Edward!

We all danced the night away,
until the very last song...

Avery in Mommy's shoes.

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