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Friday, January 3, 2014

January 3, 2013

Hank is up early, we will be going
back to bed!  Doesn't seem like
we are going to get as much snow
as expected, but it is soooo cold!

Digging out his bowl and finding his balls
are more important that peeing!

Hank having fun in the snow!

More sleep and now ready to
take care of the snow.
Not very pretty, but sure is warm!
Amanda made this scarf, it is the
warmest I own, the hat is Al's.
wearing boots and camo gloves,
also Al's.  Now to rake the roof...

This is the bottom driveway
after being plowed.

Raking the roof just in case.
Don't want to have ice damming!

Usually, try to dust the cars off before
they plow, but they came early today.
So, will dust off the car and then clean
around the car.  Hank is having fun!

The wind was kind to me,
lots of the snow went off the roof,
so less raking, my lucky day!

When it is windy, we get snow
inside of the screened patio too.

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